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Celonis Product Documentation

Edit objects

Use the Draw Area to change the size of objects by moving nodes as desired or rotating nodes with the help of the circular arrow.

The arrow to the right of the object image220.png can be used as follows:

  • Single mouse click - Duplicates the object and connects it automatically

  • Shift + mouse click - Duplicates the object without connecting it

  • Drag with mouse - Creates a connection

  • CTRL + drag with mouse - Duplicates the object and connects it automatically

The editor toolbar provides additional editing options. Use the mouse-over function to view details about each item.

editor Toolbar
  • Save - Saves the modelled process and thereby overwrites the process stored in “Graphic”!

  • View - Select different view options

  • Zoom in/Zoom out - Increases or decreases the display

  • Undo/Redo - Undoes/Restores the last step

  • Delete - Deletes the selected object

  • Connection - Changes the type of the selected Connecting object

  • Waypoints - Defines the graphical representation of the connection objects

  • Insert - Adds images or links