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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Simulation - Scenario Simulation

After publishing the Digital Twin from the Studio, the Simulation Dashboard appears inside the Apps.

It consists of several sections:

  • Digital Twin: This is the Digital Twin model as it was configured in the Digital Twin extraction

  • Simulated Scenarios: This lists all Scenarios that were created by the users. When clicking on “New Scenario”, a Simulation Scenario is created based on the Digital Twin, and the interface switches into the edit mode.

  • Outdated Scenarios: When the Digital Twin is updated and published in the Studio, the outdated Digital Twin and Scenarios are moved to the Outdated Scenarios. These Scenarios can still be re-run with different simulation parameters and the results can be viewed/compared. However, they cannot be modified anymore.

  • Side panel Scenario Configuration: Clicking on the Digital Twin or one of the Scenarios allows you to explore its parameters in the configuration on the side.

  • Run All Scenarios: Opens a modal that allows you to configure the simulation parameters (e.g. number of days to simulate). Will execute a simulation of the Digital Twin and all configured Simulation Scenarios. The results buttons will be displayed after successfully running the simulation.

  • Collections: This will open a list of existing Collections. A collection is a report, generated from one or multiple simulation results. You can view the saved comparison or share it from the three-dot menu.