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Celonis Product Documentation

Action Flows terms and limitations

Here's an explanation of some of the terminology used across Action Flows.

  • Action Flows history log storage (60 days)

    History log storage refers to the number of days that you can access detailed logs for every execution in the Action Flow history. These logs are stored for 60 days. For more information on logs see monitor your Action Flow.

  • Action Flows audit logs storage (12 months)

    The time for which Celonis Platform stores audit logs for Action Flow executions. For more information, see Audit log.

  • Maximum file size (2 GB)

    The maximum file size that can be automated and processed. The maximum size of a single file is limited to 214,7483,648 bytes. Some modules can accept a file in their input and/or yield a file in their output. If the maximum file size is exceeded, Celonis proceeds in accordance with the settings of the enable data loss option. For more information, see Working with files.

  • Maximum Action Flow execution time (60 min)

    The maximum time for which a single Action Flow can run. Maximum Action Flow execution time should not exceed 60 minutes. If execution time is exceeded, the Action Flow will fail with a timeout error. For more information, see Action Flow execution, cycles, and phases.


    Ongoing module executions are not interrupted immediately. The actual execution time until timeout might be higher.

  • Minimum interval between scheduled Action Flows (1 min)

    The minimum interval is the shortest possible time in-between two successive scheduled Action Flow runs. The minimal interval is 1 minute. You can set the interval in the schedule settings.


    This is not effective when scheduling is set to immediately (instant triggers).

  • Webhook queue size (10k executions)

    All incoming webhooks are stored in a Webhook queue. The queue can start filling up when the Action Flow responsible for processing the webhooks is disabled (e.g. due to an error) or is processing the webhooks at a slower rate than they are being received. The maximum size of a single input/output webhook queue is 10,000 executions. We define an execution as automated record creation, update, or deletion that takes place in the Operational System (ERP, CRM, database, etc.) as a result of running an Action Flow.

    For more information, see Webhooks.

  • Outbound Emails

    Action Flows do not set limits on the number of outbound emails sent (as opposed to the Email by Celonis Functionality). However, please keep in mind that some limitations may be set by your setup or infrastructure, such as infrastructure / throughput availability (# of workers available to run scenarios), 3rd party API limits (API rate limit for Gmail, e-mail, Microsoft 365, or other service) or a limit related to the account used for a specific application.

  • Returned records limit (3200 records)

    Several Action Flows modules have a maximum limit of 3200 records for their output. This limit is necessary in order to avoid being blocked by the services we connect to. There are a few exceptions to this limit, such as the Google Sheets module. It is important to keep this limit in mind when extracting large amounts of data using these modules.