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Celonis Product Documentation

Self-hosting Chrome extension

Some enterprise policies do not allow the installation of browser extensions from the Chrome Webstore. In these cases, you can self-host the Task Mining Chrome extension. Please refer to this Google Chrome article which describes how to host an extension on your own server and deploy it to your devices using Group Policy. For step-by-step instructions, you may also check out the "Self-hosting your own extensions" section in this Google Chrome guide. Similar documentation is also available for Microsoft Edge.


Please note that you can download the CRX file for the Task Mining Chrome extension from this link.

To self-host the Task Mining Chrome Extension and use it for Celonis Task Mining, here is a summary of the steps to take:

  1. Download and self-host the Task Mining Chrome extension as described in the linked guides above.

  2. Write down the new extension id.

  3. Install Task Mining with the option to set the custom extension id.

  4. Validate that Task Mining captures extension data as expected by doing a quick test run (the ‘ExtensionVersion’ column shows if a row is from the extension or not).