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Predicate functions and operators check if the input argument satisfies a condition.

Predicate Function

The ISNULL function checks if the input value is NULL and returns 1 if the input value is NULL, and 0 (as an INT) otherwise.

Predicate Operators

Predicate operators return true if the respective condition is fulfilled, and false otherwise:

  • IN can be used to match the values of a column with a list of match values.

  • In contrast to IN, MULTI_IN matches a list of tuples.

  • LIKE returns true if the value of a column matches the given pattern.

  • IN_LIKE predicate determines whether one of the multiple right string patterns matches the left expression.

  • The BETWEEN operator matches an inclusive range between two given values.

  • In contrast to the ISNULL function, which returns an INT, the IS NULL operator returns true if the input is NULL, and false otherwise.

The output of IN, MULTI_IN, LIKE, IN_LIKE, BETWEEN and IS NULL can be negated by using NOT IN, NOT MULTI_IN, NOT LIKE, NOT IN_LIKE, NOT BETWEEN and IS NOT NULL respectively.

IN, MULTI_IN, LIKE, IN_LIKE, BETWEEN and IS NULL can be used within one of the following contexts, which can evaluate a boolean expression:

Predicate operators can be combined with logical operators to more complex boolean expressions.