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Celonis Product Documentation

Action Flows notifications

Subscribe to notification emails to stay connected and up to date with your Action Flows.

Notifications are available for:

  • Errors: get notified of errors encountered by specific modules in your Action Flows that keep your workflows from running smoothly.

  • Warnings: get notified of warnings encountered by your Action Flows that need your attention, such as failure to connect with your apps and services.

  • Deactivations: get notified when your Action Flows get deactivated due to critical issues, such as multiple consecutive errors.

Notification settings apply only to your user and are defined at the package level.

By default, notifications are activated for errors and deactivations. This means that, by default, all users with package permission will automatically receive notifications for the Action Flows in their package.

To subscribe to/ unsubscribe from Action Flow notifications:

  1. Next to your packages, click menu > Notifications.

  2. Toggle the notification types to which you want to subscribe and toggle off the ones about which you don't want to receive emails.