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Celonis Product Documentation

Custom Monitoring

Custom Monitoring collects monitoring data in a dedicated Data Pool and allows you to leverage Views to monitor your data pipelines.

Upon enabling Custom Monitoring, a Data Pool called “Monitoring Pool” is generated automatically. In this Data Pool, the system events of Data Integration (“Monitoring data”) are collected Hard in four different tables. Each of these tables serves a different use case:

  • Data consumption

  • Data Job executions

  • Data Model loads

  • Replication Cockpit executions

The Monitoring Data Pool comes with pre-configured Transformations and Data Models to make the data available for analysis. Additionally, a ready-to-use Studio package called “Monitoring” can be installed from the Marketplace and contains all the necessary assets to monitor and optimize your data pipelines. While you can edit the Transformations in the Monitoring Data Pool, this Data Pool differs from an ordinary Data Pool in that it:

  • does not allow any data intake, meaning that Data Connections, File Uploads, Data Transfer - Import (Export is allowed), Replication Cockpit, Streaming Cockpit, and Extractor Builder are all disabled for this Data Pool

  • is not included in the APC calculation

  • is excluded from Data Model license calculations

  • cannot be copied or exported

  • does not allow you to copy versions into this Data Pool or from this Data Pool to another Data Pool

  • contains pre-configured Transformations and Data Models that prepare the raw data for direct use

  • fits ready-to-use Views that can be downloaded from the Marketplace