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Celonis Product Documentation

Transformation Hub

Transformation Hub is the centralized hub for tracking your transformation program and quantifying the business impact of Celonis efforts. Transformation Hub allows you to visualize outcomes across processes, objectives and value stages in one centralized place.

What is an opportunity?

Opportunities are sometimes known as value opportunities or improvement opportunities. In Transformation Hub:

  • An abstract opportunity like “Early Payments”, is called an Opportunity Type.

  • A specific, actionable Opportunity such as “Early Payments for Germany”, is referred to as an Opportunity or Value Opportunity.

What are the technical requirements to use Transformation Hub?

  • Cloud Celonis Platform with Knowledge Models

  • Both case-centric and object-centric data models supported

  • Private realms supported

  • On-prem not supported

  • User must have Admin permissions

  • Team must be provisioned on Vertica, not MS SQL