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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting started with Process Navigator

Using the Process Navigator home page

You can quickly and easily access everything you need by scrolling through the Process Navigator home page. From the Process Navigator home page, you can:

About the My Overview screen
Image of the My Overview user interface with callouts indicating key features.
  1. Search bar and filters you use to find specific processes or content.

  2. Filters that are automatically applied so only the content most relevant to you is displayed.


    You can only enable or disable these filters here. Select on the Process Navigator home page or in Process Journal to view and edit these filter settings.

  3. Select the type of process or content you want to display. You may see additional options here depending on your organization's configuration.

  4. The name of the process or content. You may see additional headings here depending on your organization's configuration.

Hierarchy icon

Where the process or content sits in the hierarchy. For example:

Example of a hierarchy in Process Navigator.
Attachments icon.

Click to download any attachments related to your process or content. The number displayed shows the number of attachments.

If there are multiple attachments, you can only download one attachment at a time.

Subscribe icon

Click to subscribe to updates whenever any changes are made.

Action icon.

Click to send feedback.

Details icon.

Click to display version and status information.