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Celonis Product Documentation

Version 2


Shipping Emissions Reduction App (2023-04-27)Certification of CO2e emissions calculation and major app improvements

We're proud to share that our carbon engine, Climatiq's Shipping API, has been accredited by the Smart Freight Centre for GLEC compliant calculations of CO2e emissions. Accreditation demonstrates that our app provides accurate and reliable emissions data for your shipping operations.

The Shipping Emissions Reduction App lets you check your shipping emissions compared to your target, explore clusters with high emissions, and identify opportunities to reduce emissions. The new app structure takes you through this flow more intuitively. We've also added more capabilities for this release:

  • There's a new target tracking section in the cockpit, where you can set specific emissions targets, such as a 10% reduction compared to 2020.

  • The Action View (an early-stage feature) helps you take actions on outstanding shipments to reduce emissions.

  • You can specify shipping types in much more detail if you have that information available. For example, rather than just selecting road transport, you can specify a vehicle type, load type, fuel source, and more. The app uses this information to produce even more accurate emissions calculations.

  • You can use more shipping types in simulations, such as estimating the potential saving in emissions for using LNG trucks instead of diesel trucks.