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Celonis Product Documentation

Celonis Product Documentation

Celonis Documentation

Celonis documentation is continuously updated to contain the latest product features, updates, and enhancements. As we evolve the documentation to empower our customers and partners with more self-service abilities, we would love to hear from you to help us improve.

Finding Information

You can find the information you need by:

  • I am using Search. Type in the keywords or phrases you are looking for and select a suitable topic from the list.

  • I am accessing topics through the Table of Contents (TOC). Currently, the TOC is organized by product area, i.e., Data, Task Mining, Automation, Studio, etc.

  • Search using Google or other search engines. Major search engines like Google index Celonis documentation.

  • Look at our Glossary. The glossary lists EMS key terms and concepts.

Sending Feedback

We need your help to improve the documentation. As we transition to persona-based documentation and include more use cases, we want to target content improvements in critical areas that help customers to get the most from EMS.

At the bottom of every topic page in the Help is the question: Was this helpful?

  • Click either Yes or No, and the following link will display.

  • Click the link to send the Celonis Technical Documentation team an email with your suggestions. Based on the type of feedback, we try to address quick fixes within one week. While more extensive improvements may take a couple of weeks.

What Happens to Your Feedback?

Every feedback email automatically creates a ticket for the Technical Documentation team to review. The team reviews the new feedback weekly, and the improvements are assigned and scheduled based on resources.