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Link an Analysis to a Knowledge Model

Global Filters from Knowledge Model into Analysis

Global filters in the Knowledge Model are applied as filters in Studio Analysis as well. These filters behave the same way as Load Script in the Analysis. If Load Script already exists for an Analysis, the global filter along with the Load Script filter will be collaboratively applied.

You can link your analysis assets to the Knowledge Models that are created in a package in the Celonis Platform Studio.

Linking the analysis asset to a Knowledge Model
  1. Open the Settings of the analysis asset.

  2. Select the Knowledge Model option and click the dropdown to see the Knowledge Models you can select.

  3. Select a Knowledge Model and click Update.

Accessing linked Knowledge Model KPIs and local analysis KPIs


Currently, Knowledge Model KPIs are read-only. If you want to change the Knowledge Model KPIs, you need to go to the respective Knowledge Model. You can change local KPIs inside the analysis.

  1. Open the analysis asset.

  2. Go to the analysis settings and select Saved formulas.

  3. In Saved formulas, you can view all the KPIs that are imported from the linked Knowledge Model as well as local KPIs.

  4. When creating components in the analysis, you can distinguish between local KPIs and KPIs imported from the Knowledge Model.