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Celonis Product Documentation

Creating an Action Flow with a Trigger

Before you begin

  • You must be an analyst with access to the Celonis Platform Studio.

  • You must have “edit permissions” on a package or need to create a new package.

  • You must have an existing Knowledge Model.

  • Make sure you already have a Trigger created. If not, create one before starting this task. See Creating Triggers.

To create an Action Flow with a Trigger:

  1. Create a new Action Flow:

    1. In Studio, click the plus icon on your package, and select Action Flow.

    2. Give your Action Flow a name and click Create.

  2. Add the Trigger module to the Action Flow:

    1. Click the plus icon to add a new module.

    2. From the list of modules, select Celonis > Watch Trigger.

    3. In your module details, add a new webhook:

      1. Next to the webhook list, click Add.

      2. Give your webhook a name.

      3. Select the connection type.


        We recommend that you use the App Key connection type for this. The App Key must have the following permissions:

        • "Use" permission to the Data Model that underlies the Knowledge Model.

        • "Edit" permission to the package that contains the Knowledge Model.

      4. Select the Knowledge Model.

      5. Select the Trigger you want to use with this Action Flow.

      6. Click Save.

  3. Build the rest of your Action Flow


    You can use any attributes of the record defined in the Knowledge Model as the output of the Watch Trigger.

  4. [Optional] Test the Action Flow you’ve just built and the Trigger connection:

    1. At the top of the page, click Run once.

    2. Go to the Trigger overview page.

    3. Select the Trigger you used in the Action Flow.

    4. In the upper-right corner of the Trigger details screen, click the Trigger status.

    5. Click Test Action Flow.

      A record item that meets your triggering criteria is picked and sent to the Action Flow to allow you to test your configuration".

  5. For all your changes to take effect, click Publish Package.

  6. In your dedicated Action Flow screen, switch the Active toggle.

  7. [Optional] As a best practice, activate incomplete executions.

    Whenever the trigger detects a new record item, the Action Flow will be triggered.