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Celonis Product Documentation

Use Gateways

Please note when using gateways:

  • Condition: After using an Or or Either-or gateway, you must specify a condition to clearly distinguish between potential Paths. No condition is used after an And gateway.

Using conditions
  • Converging gateway: The previously used gateway is inserted to merge split paths and continue the process sequence. This applies to all gateways.

    Using converging gateways
  • Back Loop gateway: To include a loopback, an additional gateway is inserted and connected to the last task for the path. This applies to all gateways. To create the connection object, click the Back Loop gateway, select the arrow icon in the process toolbar, and finally, select the object that is the desired starting point.

Using Back Loop Gateways

If a placeholder shape has been linked to an unreleased process or if the placeholder is empty, the process can still be released.