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Celonis Product Documentation

Creating and managing groups

Groups allow you to assign a set of permissions to multiple users simultaneously. You can add users to groups in these ways:

  • Manually via the Admin & Settings area.

  • Using the Open Sign up feature.

  • Automatically when syncing with an identity provider that provides groups.

In the first two scenarios, you need to create groups and assign them a role. In the third scenario (SAML JIT), the groups are created by the identity provider. By assigning a role to your groups, you define how the group’s users will count towards your license and how permissions will be pre-filtered. For more about provisioning groups, see: Account management.

To manually create a group and assign it a role:

  1. Click Admin & Settings - Groups.

  2. Click New group and add a group name.

    A screenshot showing where to click the new group button.
  3. Optional: Add existing users to the group.

  4. Click Save.

    The group is created.

  5. Using the team role drop down, select the permissions that users in this group hold.

    A screenshot showing the team role drop down.

Once created, a group can be managed by clicking the options icon:


You have the following group management options:

  • Rename the group.

  • Add and remove users from group.

  • View the group’s permissions.

  • Export the group’s permissions (as a .csv file).

  • Delete the group.