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Celonis Product Documentation

Download Portal file security

To verify the authenticity of files obtained from the Download Portal, we provide SHA-256 checksums that can be used to check if the files haven't been tempered during the download process.

To check a file's validity:

  1. In the Download Portal, next to the file you downloaded, see the checksum number for the file.

  2. On your computer, calculate the SHA-256 checksum of the downloaded files:

    1. In your command prompt or terminal run:

      • On Windows:

        certutil -hashfile <path_to_downloaded_file> SHA256

      • On Linux:

        sha256sum <path_to_downloaded_file>

  3. Compare the checksum from your terminal with the one displayed next to your file in the Download Portal.

    • If checksums match, the file hasn't been tampered with during the download process and you can start using it.

    • If checksums don't match, don't use the file. Download the file again and repeat the verification process. If this continues to be an issue, report the situation to us by raising a Celopeers ticket: Contacting support