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Celonis Product Documentation

Baseline Date Optimizer app - case-centric

The Baseline Date Optimizer app provides a step-by-step guide to identify areas with frequent baseline date mismatches that impact free cash flow, or cause loss of cash discount. The app can compare the invoice baseline date against multiple other dates from both the invoice receipt and the goods receipt.  When you’ve chosen an optimization strategy using this information, the Action View shows a prioritized list of open invoices based on the value potential, making it easy to use the best baseline date.

With the Baseline Date Optimizer app, you can:

  • Identify areas with frequent baseline date mismatches affecting free cash flow and cash discount.

  • Configure baseline date optimization strategies.

  • Review open invoices based on their free cash flow and cash discount potential.

The Baseline Date Optimizer app supports you systematically in identifying areas with frequent unfavorable baseline date mismatches and resolving them.

The Baseline Date Optimizer app comes with these views:

  • Configuration - this is a view where you can manage the values of the app’s runtime variables to limit the relevant data scope and configure for operational usage. The parameters you set in this view are automatically changed and reflected in the other views.

  • Value Assessment - this is a view to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the baseline date usage in the past. It lets you assess the potential free cash flow and cash discount impact using alternative baseline dates (for example, the invoice receipt date) and identify vendors with the highest value potential.

  • Action View - this view gives you a prioritized overview of open invoices with an unfavorable baseline mismatch, for the vendors you select and the mismatch categories you enable (for example, the invoice receipt date or goods receipt date).

  • Value Tracking - this view keeps track of all the favorable baseline date changes, and calculates the realized free cash flow and cash discount.

This documentation is for the case-centric version of the Baseline Date Optimizer app. It uses the Data Model “SAP ECC - Analytical (FI Open + Cleared)” supplied with our Marketplace connector. The model includes the activities and fields needed for the app.