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Celonis Product Documentation

Open Order Processing App

About the App

The Open Order Processing App provides a real-time view of all open sales orders, gives an overview of the relevant operational KPIs, and allows the management of the team's workload.

To support operational order processing, the App shows the most frequent inefficiencies and supports their resolution by suggesting corrective actions.

How the Open Order Processing App works

Celonis’ Open Order Processing Module prioritizes and monitors open orders with a focus on inefficiencies (for example, blocked, delayed, or incorrect orders). It offers users advanced capabilities to manage the team workload by automatic and manual order assignment:

  • Support Order Processing identifies and resolves the most frequent inefficiencies

  • Team Management steers and balances the workload of teams

  • Prioritization provides a user-centric personalized and prioritized view on open orders

  • Single Pane of Glass gives visibility to all relevant order and context information including order status

Views available

The App comes with two views:

  1. The Team Lead View focuses on team management, analytical and reporting use cases; this is the main view you use to access detailed profile views with relevant information about single orders and inefficiencies

  2. The User View focuses on the daily operational users and provides a prioritized list of orders, pinpointing issues and suggesting tasks to resolve the issues

Example: Team Lead View
Open Orders View
Open Tasks View
Example: User View
Example: Sales Order Details