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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Copilot


Process Copilots are currently in  limited availability. If you’re interested in trying it out, please contact your account rep for access.

A Process Copilot is a Studio asset that you can set up in any package and connect to one of your Knowledge Models.  Once set up, your Process Copilot allows you to interact conversationally with your Celonis data: asking questions, building graphs, looking for insights or viewing process flows. You can analyze your data by asking natural language questions or using the predefined prompts to get your response in a variety of formats.

An analyst user must set up your Process Copilot before it can be used. Set up includes defining what knowledge this Process Copilot will have access to within the selected Knowledge Models and resolving any Knowledge Model issues that could impact accuracy of your Process Copilot. Analysts can set up multiple Process Copilots to work with different Knowledge Models or to focus on a different use case for your data.

Process Copilots can be used by any user in Apps and work within the scope of information set up by the analyst user to generate responses.

Managing Expectations

  • Your Process Copilot’s knowledge is scoped to what the analyst has set up. It won’t be able to answer questions about knowledge or artifacts that are outside the scope of what the analyst set up.

  • Unlike general AI assistants such as ChatGPT, Process Copilots cannot perform tasks outside its assigned scope, such as answering questions unrelated to your processes or accessing information not available in the provided data.

  • Mistakes in Process Copilot’s responses are possible so you are encouraged to always inspect the answers for accuracy. There is inherent uncertainty associated with all generative AI outputs both inside and outside of Celonis.

  • Unstructured Knowledge Models will impact the accuracy of your Process Copilot. When the data provided to this Process Copilot is incomplete or includes inconsistencies, it is a challenge for your knowledge to produce quality responses. Your Process Copilot will identify improvements within the Knowledge Model and we recommend that you act on these suggestions to achieve better results.

Prerequisites for using a Process Copilot

  • The Process Copilot asset has been activated.

  • Validated case-centric or object-centric Data Model.

  • Validated Knowledge Model.

  • User permissions required:

    • Analyst role with permissions to create and maintain a Studio package;

    • Member role to interact with a Process Copilot in a published Studio package.