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Process Adherence Manager

The Process Adherence Manager analyzes business processes by comparing real process events with a predefined process flow using event data from the Process Intelligence Graph. It analyzes whether and how processes in reality run differently than they should, evaluates the significance of each deviation’s impact on the overall process performance and uncovers the driving factors (root causes) that lead to a deviation.


Process Adherence Manager integrates mining, modeling, and conformance analysis in one single user interface. It enables you to analyze whether your processes run differently in reality compared to how they would ideally run.

This type of as-is / to-be analysis requires a process model to be available that outlines how the process ideally runs. Instead of modeling the to-be model from a blank page, you can use Process Adherence Manager to mine a baseline model from the data that is already connected to the Celonis Platform. The integrated modeling capabilities then allows you to use the Celonis Platform to modify this model into a to-be model.

Process Adherence Manager overlays your data with this model to analyze how your business reality deviates from the target. This shows what aspects of the normal process are violated as well as how the process runs instead. And to highlight how critical a deviation is, you can view its impact on the overall process performance and analyze the driving factors that lead to the deviation.

During this process you will:

For more information on using the Process Adherence Manager, see the Academy course Explore Deviations using Process Adherence Manager.