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Process Adherence Manager

Process Adherence Manager overview

Process Adherence Manager is a tool that lets you access mining, modeling and process conformance analysis from a single user interface. With Process Adherence Manager, you can:

  • See how your process really works using your Celonis Platform data.

  • Define a target process for how your process would ideally work.

  • View and analyze deviations between your actual and target processes.

  • Identify the root causes of these deviations.

  • Use your findings to improve your process.

How Process Adherence Manager works

Process Adherence Manager generates a baseline model for your process using operational data from the Celonis Platform. You edit and refine this baseline model to create a target model for your process. By comparing your actual process against the target model, you can see where your process deviates from the target model. Drilling down into these deviations lets you view the root causes of these deviations and see how they impact performance, helping you understand where and how you can improve your process.


Getting started with Process Adherence Manager,

The key steps you'll be guided through in Process Adherence Manager are:


For more information about using Process Adherence Manager, see our Academy course Explore Deviations using Process Adherence Manager. You'll need a Celonis Academy log in to access this.

Re-creating Process Adherence Manager assets created before 2024-07-05


We’ve changed how assets are created in PAM. Previously, you created PAM assets using object-centric data models (also known as perspectives). From 2024-07-05, you need to create PAM assets based on knowledge models that are defined on top of object-centric data models. Any PAM assets created before 2024-07-05 will be available from 2024-07-05 as read-only assets only. After 2024-09-05, they’ll be irretrievably removed. If you want to continue using assets you created before 2024-07-05, you’ll need to re-create them.

  1. Identify any Process Adherence Manager assets created before 2024-07-05.

    If you don't have any Process Adherence Manager assets created before 2024-07-05, you don't need to do anything further here and can continue to creating your baseline model.

  2. Open a Process Adherence Manager asset identified in step 1.

  3. Select Package Settings > Variables to identify the data model used to create your Process Adherence Manager asset.