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Celonis Product Documentation

Creating Triggers

Triggers automatically detect relevant record items in Celonis Platform (Celonis Platform) data and can be used to execute Action Flows for newly detected items.

Before you begin

  • You must be an analyst with access to the Celonis Platform Studio. See [here].

  • You must have “edit permissions” on a package or need to create a new package.

  • You must have a Knowledge Model or create a new Knowledge Model.

To create a Trigger

  1. In Studio, select your package > your Knowledge Model > Triggers.

  2. In the upper-right corner, click Create Trigger.

  3. Give your trigger a meaningful name.

  4. Select the Record that your new Trigger will monitor for relevant Record items.

  5. Apply filters to your Trigger to narrow down the scope of what the Trigger will monitor.

  6. Verify the preview to see the outcome of your settings and click Save.

What’s next

You must publish your Knowledge Model for the Trigger to become usable by other entities. Once this is done, you can start using it in Action Flows. See Creating an Action Flow with a Trigger.


If you create an Action Flow from the modal directly after creating your Trigger, part of the Action Flow will be preconfigured automatically for you.