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Celonis Product Documentation

Value Report

The Value Report enables you to visualize the outcomes of your transformation efforts in real-time. This report provides a quick overview of your current transformation programs and shows how these programs are performing. The Value Report highlights the total realized value of these opportunities (including historical realized value) as well as your tracked value. It also provides visibility into the individual value opportunities that are driving value and how that value is quantified.

The Value Report can be shared with stakeholders to communicate the business impact of your transformation efforts.


Value opportunities displayed in the Value Report

The Value Report displays only Live and Completed value opportunities since these are the value opportunities that have previously or are currently realizing value. If you have no Live or Completed value opportunities, the Value Report is not available since there is no value realized to display.


Draft value opportunities are not displayed since they are not yet realizing value.


Filtering by process or objective

By default, the Value Report shows an overview of all values realized and committed across the enterprise.

You can filter on specific processes and objectives to display only the value opportunities and associated value realized. Filtering enables you to focus on the processes and value opportunities you are currently reviewing or working on.


Additional filters such as company code are not supported.


Breakdown by process or objective

You can also breakdown value realized and committed to understand the most impactful drivers of value in your organization. This helps to identify which areas are performing well and which areas may need more attention. This can also help inform resource allocation decisions such as continuing to work on areas which have realized high value or focusing on areas which are realizing lower value than targeted.

You can also click on a value opportunity name to drill down and review how the value was framed, how value is being tracked, and any additional details on its progress.

Relationship between value type and objective

Value opportunities with Working Capital Optimization objectives roll up into the Working Capital value type. Value opportunities with all other objectives, such as Labor Productivity, Cost & Spend Reduction, Revenue Growth or Protection, roll up into P&L.