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Celonis Product Documentation

Monitoring data and license consumption

In addition to monitoring your data jobs and data model loads, you can also monitor how much data you're consuming across your data pools in your current Celonis Platform team. With your license indicating the volume of data you're allowed to consume per, your platform functionality could be reduced if you exceed this limit. As such, we recommend regularly reviewing your data extractions for any unnecessary data imports.

Monitoring data consumption per Celonis Platform team

You can view and monitor your data consumption across all data pools in your Celonis Platform team by clicking Data - Data Integration.

Your aggregate all-time data consumption figure for your data pools is then displayed:


You can then click into this figure to see the break down of your individual data connections / tables. The following information is displayed here:

  • Total consumption: This is the total data you're currently consuming in your Celonis Platform team.

  • Page consumption: This is the total data consumed by the table extractions on the page you're currently viewing, with the maximum number of rows displayed set to 20.

  • Last updated: The timestamp for the last aggregation of the data consumption totals.

  • Table: Individual rows for each table, showing the data connection, table extracted, the size of the data consumed, and the last time that data was updated.

Monitoring your license consumption

The data you're consuming across your data pools is also displayed in your license monitoring page, with the data consumed being consistent between the two dashboards. This figure is listed in your license as Storage Utilization.

To view your storage utilization in your license, click Admin & Settings - License:


As a team admin, you can then configure email notifications for when your data consumption hits a percentage of your total data allowance: