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Celonis Product Documentation

Getting Started

The Celonis Platform lets your team apply real-time business intelligence to the data in your systems.

For an overview of including its benefits and main features, see: Celonis Platform overview

Setting up and managing your team

To ensure that you provide secure access and the correct permissions to the right people, you first need to set up your Celonis environment.

See: Setting up and managing your Celonis Platform

Managing your user profile

To learn how to edit your profile, change your password, and create API keys, see: Managing your user profile


Documentation - User guides, reference material, and frequently asked questions.

Glossary - For an overview of the key terms used in the.

Developer Documentation - Contains additional resources used by developers such as API references docs, schemas, requirements, FAQs, and more.

Celonis Academy - Take advantage of goal-based training to augment your Celonis skills.