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Celonis Product Documentation

Planned releases

The features listed below will be released in two to four weeks. The information provides advance notification about new features. The dates are subject to change. However, we strive to keep the date information as accurate as possible, giving daily updates.

You can find information about released features in Release Notes and the documentation.


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Process Explorer (2024-05-29)


The visibility controls in Process Explorer are being enhanced to include two multi-sliders that allow you to explore the events of individual objects and connections within your process more easily rather than adjusting them one by one. In the multi-sliders, each object or connection appears as a different slider and is color coded to match the objects in the process flow graph.


When using the multi-sliders, sliding up will add the next most common event or connection, while sliding down removes the least frequent event or connection that is currently displayed for that object. For example, you can adjust the slider for one object upwards to add the next most frequent event for that object to the graph while the remaining objects are not changed. However, if the event being added does not connect to the events currently displayed for this object, additional events will be added to connect the event being added.

If the event being added is shared with other objects, it is only added for the object corresponding to the slider you adjusted. However, for the other objects, this event will display empty circles to indicate that it is not included.


If a slider has been used to explore the current process, the colored square corresponding to that object will be highlighted with a blue border, even if the multi-slider is collapsed (see the middle object in the screenshot below). This indicates that events or connections have been added to the process flow currently shown.


Process Explorer (2024-06-05)

Variant Explorer

The Variant Explorer is being added to Studio Views, allowing you to see the most common variants from your standard processes. The Variant Explorer will initially show the 10 most commonly occurring variants, how often they are happening and the average throughput time for each. You can also choose to view the variants outside of the top 10.


You can select how many variants you want to view to update your process graph and see how they impact your process flow. Once variants have been selected, you can select nodes and edges in the process graph to filter the view further for those specific variants.