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Celonis Product Documentation

Define Degradation Thresholds and Subscribe to Alerts

There are 2 potential scenarios when the replication performance may degrade, and the user should be notified to take an action:

  • The replications keep failing

  • The replications take very long to complete

For both scenarios the user can define thresholds, and be notified in case the threshold is breached. If the threshold is breached, the Table will be marked as degraded, and the subscribed user will be notified about this event.


Alerts are sent out to the user who activated the toggle via e-mail. Every user can activate the toggle separately in order to receive notifications.

It may take up to 5 minutes before you receive the email.

  • Accessing the alert settings via the connection level menu

  • Configuring the Degradation Thresholds for failures and runtime respectively

  • Subscribing to alerts

  • The Degraded Tables will be displayed with the respective status, and the subscribed users will be notified