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Data Collection Capabilities - SAP GUI

SAP has multiple applications with a user interface:

  • SAP Logon: A standalone tool in the SAP GUI, which enables you to access, manage, and configure one or more SAP systems.

  • SAP Logon Pad: Behaves very similar to SAP Logon, but the configuration options are very limited. This makes SAP Logon Pad particularly useful for users with limited technical background.

  • SAP Business Client: SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) is a new SAP user interface (UI), presenting end users with a seamless integration of classic SAP GUI-based transactions and newly developed applications based on Web Dynpro ABAP.

SAP GUI Processes on Windows

SAP Logon: Process Name is ‘saplogon’

  • It’s sufficient to add the “saplogon” process to capture its data.

SAP Logon Pad: Process Name is ‘saplgpad’

  • It’s sufficient to add “saplgpad” process to capture its data.

SAP Business Client: It has two processes NWBC and NwbcCore, actually NWBC.exe is just a launcher for NwbcCore.exe

  • In order to properly capture data from those applications, the “SapGuiServer” process should be configured beside the main process, meaning that the following process names should be added to the configuration:

    • For NWBC: “SapGuiServer” and “NWBC”

    • For NwbcCore: “SapGuiServer” and “NwbcCore”

  • The testing showed that ‘SapGuiServer’ is responsible for mouse events and ‘NWBC’/’NwbcCore’ responsible for the other events.

SAPGui.exe is not captured:

Another way to run SAP is by using shortcuts (.sap files). These shortcuts typically run another process (SAPGui.exe) which has a minimal GUI interface - just a login window and property window. Those interfaces are not captured.

What Task Mining Captures

Task Mining tries to extract SAP Elements details from any of the following processes:

  • For SAP Logon: "saplogon", "saplgpad"

  • For Business Client: "SapGuiServer", "NwbcCore", "NwbcDesktopAgent", "NWBC"

For setup details, see How to prepare SAP for integration with Task Mining.