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Celonis Product Documentation

Material Allocation app - object-centric

The Material Allocation app leverages inventory, supply, and demand data across your entire organization to identify excess and shortage situations, and propose a rebalancing of your existing inventory to close gaps and optimize your working capital.

With the Material Allocation app, you can:

  • Identify materials with excess supply or uncovered demand.

  • Leverage a constraint-based optimization model to rebalance your inventory.

  • Evaluate proposed stock transfers in the context of future inventory and Bill of Materials.

The Material Allocation app is for material planners who want to optimize working capital by identifying opportunities to rebalance inventory and incoming supply, from where there is excess to where current demand cannot be met, reducing the need for additional purchasing.

The Material Allocation app comes with these views:

  • Stock Optimization Dashboard - this is the main view that business users can use for their daily tasks, with the tabs “Incoming - Insufficient Supply” and “Outgoing - Excess Supply”.

  • User Guide - this is an onboarding view for business users to explore the app’s functions interactively.

  • Validation and Value Assessment - this is a quickstart view for setup, where you can validate business logic and make a value assessment for this use case.

The Material Allocation app is exclusively available for object-centric process mining, and it works with objects and events. The Material Allocation app needs some additional custom object types to enable its use cases, so you’ll need to create a custom Inventory Management perspective to use with the app in place of the supplied perspective. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide for you to do this.

The Material Allocation app is a premium app and is subject to an additional licensing fee. Talk to your Celonis account team to arrange this before you download the app.

The object-centric Material Allocation app is the successor to the case-centric Material Shortages app, which is now deprecated.