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Configuring comments


You're currently viewing a topic describing a Studio feature that's in limited availability. For more information, see: Studio (new experience).

For all other Studio features, see: Studio.

The comment component allows app viewers to add text-based comments within a view. These comments are displayed only within that view and they aren't visible and are not stored in other areas of the Celonis Platform.

In this example, a comment box within a view is allowing team members to communicate about a KPI:


To configure a comments box, you need to create and reference an 'identifier' string variable within the view.

  1. To create a string variable, click Variables - Create variable:

  2. Add 'identifier' as the variable name, select the string type, and then choose your other variable settings:

  3. After saving the variable, open the comment component settings and select the variable in the identifier field:

  4. Select your comment style settings, including date format and the number of comments displayed per page:


Your comments box will be visible in your view when the version you are editing is published.

For more information about publishing your views, see: Publishing and version control.