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Celonis Apps

Introduction to Apps


Celonis Apps have previously been called Business Views.

Apps are your new platform to access Execution Apps and Instruments. It is the counterpart to Studio, the one-stop shop for App Creators to build those Execution Apps and Instruments. If you are new to Apps and Studio, please check out our getting started guide.

Benefits of Apps

  • Combined analytical and execution capabilities

  • Customized Views for each user group

  • Built-in automation and machine learning

You can access your Execution Apps and Instruments via the Apps option in the left-hand navigation menu.

Core components of a package

Apps are structured by Apps, also called Packages. Packages are a combination of technical assets to understand a process, sense process anomalies, and perform actions within the process to improve the desired objectives. Packages are either created by App Creators in the Studio locally or installed from the App Store.


Within a Package, you can access Analyses as you might know from Process Analytics. However, not all your Analyses from Process Analytics are accessible via Apps. Only Analyses that are part of an Execution App or Instrument are displayed here.


The Inbox acts as the central location from where business users manage and complete the tasks assigned to them. Its features empower users to take bulk actions and view all information concerning respective tasks without ever leaving the Inbox. Through the Inbox, we strive to improve the efficiency with which users complete tasks. Within Apps, you will find the 'Inbox' button on the very top left. Clicking this button will take you to a new navigation bar to explore all Tasks assigned to you.


Working with Apps

Navigating to your Execution App or Instrument

The main navigation element of Apps is its left-side navigation panel. Here you can access all your packages. A package opens by clicking on it and the contained views and analyses expand.

In the example below, "A/R Execution App" is an app or package. "Finance Control Center" is part of this app and of type View.


Collapse/Expand the navigation panel

By default, the left-side navigation panel is always visible to you. This allows you to jump quickly between Execution Apps and Instruments. You can also collapse the left-side navigation panel by clicking on the arrow icon at the very top of the panel. You can expand the navigation panel again by clicking on the arrow icons (that point now in the opposite direction).



To learn more about Knowledge Models and Views, see the free online training track from the Celonis Academy: Build Knowledge Models and Views (4h).