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Celonis Product Documentation

Accounts Receivable Starter Kit

The A/R Starter Kit is designed for Process Owners and Process Analysts to kick off their Celonis Journey in Account Receivables. The Validation Cockpit enables you to validate the data ingested into Celonis, understand how core process KPIs are calculated, and adjust them to fit your business requirements. All KPI definitions, adjustments, improvements and general process knowledge reside in the Central knowledge model which will act as a knowledge base for any additional A/R apps.

The centerpiece of the Starter Kit is the Process Cockpit - it brings you insights on the most impactful Accounts Receivable use cases with a focus on Collections. You can use it to surface inefficiencies which have an impact on your working capital, revenue and labor productivity. Analyze key A/R Metrics, such as Days Sales Outstanding, On-time Payments, Payment Terms Mismatches, Touchless Collections and Cash Discount Utilization to identify process inefficiencies and customer behavior falling short of expectations.

High-level Overview

The AR Starter kit is purpose-built for the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) and works out-of-the-box with the Celonis SAP ECC Accounts Receivable Connector. No additional source systems are covered by this standard app.


You can skip to Step 3 if an A/R DM is in place.

  1. Set up the Connection to an SAP system from the Celonis Platform:

    1. Set up the extractor server

    2. Configure the connection

  2. Install and configure the SAP-ECC Accounts Receivable Real-Time Process connector from Marketplace.

  3. Install the Accounts Receivable Starter Kit App from the Marketplace:

    1. Select the app in Marketplace

    2. Assign your SAP A/R Data Model to the data variable

  4. Finish the setup:

    1. Validate and customize the Knowledge Model and runtime variables

    2. Implement KPI customizations in KM

    3. Implement customizations in Views