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Celonis Product Documentation

Analysis Components

Components in Celonis Analyses allow you to visualize your process data or build up your analysis.

Celonis has five different categories of components, as described below. Specific important and new components are described on a specific page with examples and detailed description of the functionalities

Create Components


You have to be in edit mode to add new components.

New Component Section

You can create a new component with the:

  1. Component+ button at the top right.

  2. Add component button on empty sheets.


The new component section provides access to all analyses components for the Celonis analyses.

Add Component

To add a component to a Analysis Sheet:

  1. Click one of the components in the New Component Section.

  2. Drag and drop it to the Canvas.

  3. The component will be added to the sheet in its default setting and you can use the component options to define which data is shown to you.