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Celonis Product Documentation

Local Adjustments to Unearned Cash Discount App Package

There are several things that need to be adjusted based on your environment:

Knowledge Model Adjustments

There are two actions and two filters that use an augmented attribute for resolution status: AR_Filter_CustomerMasterCompanyCode__AugmentedStatusOpen  and AR_Filter_CustomerMasterCompanyCode__AugmentedStatusNotified. Each of these filters reference the knowledge model key of the local unearned cash discount app. However, the knowledge model key coming from the marketplace may be different from the local knowledge model key in your package. You therefore need to check and update the key in a few places in the local package KM.

  1. Click on the options for the knowledge model in your Unearned Cash Discount package. Select Key and copy the key into your clipboard.

  1. Then, update the knowledge model variable AR_Variable_Input__KnowledgeModelKeyUCDApp. Paste the local knowledge model key into the value of the variable.

  1. Jump to the “Actions” section of the Knowledge Model (3 in total). For the first two, ACTION_ACCOUNT_SEND_EMAIL and ACTION_ACCOUNT_SEND_EMAIL_NOTICE open the details and scroll down to the PQL editor. Since actions cannot reference variables, you need to manually update the Knowledge Model key in the PQL Filter statement. In the short statement, finde the snippet "AR_Record_CustomerMasterCompanyCode_AUGMENTED_AccountUCDStatus"."KNOWLEDGE_MODEL_KEY" = 'ar-unearned-cash-discount-app-store.unearned-cash-discount-knowledge-model')

  1. Replace the Knowledge Model Key value (the part that is in ‘’) with your Key.

  2. Repeat step (4) for the second action mentioned above.

Variable Adjustments

The app allows you to display any monetary value converted into in your preferred local currency. Therefore, you need to assign your preferred currency.Additionally, you will be able to monitor UCD improvements driven by the app. To do so, you need to assign an app baseline date, which is used to calculate and visualize UCD improvements over time. With the help of this date, we will answer questions like “how did my UCD develop since using the app?”

To set the standard currency and the value tracking baseline date, go the the settings sheet of the app and assign new values to the relevant variables.



It is recommended to set the value tracking baseline date to the day you start using this app actively within your company.