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Celonis Product Documentation

Monitoring your Celonis Platform license

Your license defines what your team can use within the and how much they can consume by doing so. Should you hit your license limits at any time, your Celonis Platform functionality may be reduced. To avoid reduced functionality, you should familiarize yourself with the four key metrics.

You can view your license limits by clicking Admin & Settings - License:

A screenshot showing how to monitor your license, with an overview of key metrics.

Licenses are based on four key metrics:


Your license might have unlimited access to one or more of these key metrics.

1. Analytics Processing Capacity (APC) consumption

Measured in data volume, with admins able to request a notification when this reaches a percentage of data used. Should you reach your APC consumption limit, we recommend reviewing your data models extractions for any unnecessary data imports.

You can also review your data model consumption by clicking Data - Data Integration:

A screenshot showing where to find your data integration consumption.

Your current data usage is then displayed:

A screenshot showing how much data consumption you've used.
2. User limits

Measured in total number of users (seats), plus those allocated admin or analyst permissions. You can manage your user limits by monitoring usage and applying user locking policies.

We recommend removing inactive users, either manually, through your identity providers, or with your user locking policy.

A screenshot showing your user limit consumption.
3. Process limit

Measured in total number of processes allowed.

Should you reach your process limit, we recommend reviewing your data models and focusing on how many events they are consuming.

4. Expiration date

The date until which your license / access remains valid.