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Authorization Management

Authorize editing of diagrams and objects by multiple authors.

Multiple authors can be defined for processes and objects. If no author is defined, any Celonis Process Management user (provided he or she is authorized) can edit a process or an object.

Define authorization levels

The administrator stores the characteristics of all possible authorization levels.

Assign permissions to individual users or user groups.

The authorization levels can be assigned to specific users or user groups to authorize content editing for specific authors only.

Set permissions on diagrams or objects

Each process or object can be assigned appropriate authorization levels and specific users/user groups (optional)

Assign permissions for facets.

Authorizations can also be assigned for complete facets (navigation areas, e.g., "risks").

Assign authorizations for architectures.

It is possible to customize rights to build architectures. For example, an author can be authorized to create structural processes (which, by default, only the architect does).