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Accounts Receivable FAQ

Which data models and sources are needed for implementation? Which systems do we connect to out-of-the-box? Can we do read-write connections with any system?

To implement the Collections Operational App you need to have an A/R data model in the IBC (now called Celonis Platform).

Additional data sources might be required depending on the use cases you want to implement (e.g. systems like Salesforce, or information stored in Excel). Celonis can connect to any of your source systems with read-and-write capabilities to extract and work with the necessary data to run this solution. Out of the box, we connect to SAP but during implementation, we can connect to any data source as needed.

Are there any other commercial pre-requisites for implementation?

The app requires a ML workbench slot for operability. If the slots included from the Celonis Platform license have been used, than an additional dedicated ML Workbench shall be purchased additionally.

The app is separate from the Celonis Platform License and the Apps will still consume APC, Executions and Users.