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Celonis Product Documentation

Could you explain how collectors interact with the Celonis AR Apps?

Collections Leaders will use the Steering View, which facilitates the performance tracking in an operational, day-to-day manner, showing breakdowns by assigned collector, customer, balance size, risk assessment or other parameters. It also allows for customer drill-downs and enables team orchestration and task assignments.

For collectors, the Action View is the home base for daily collections activities. It synthesizes all relevant details on customers and balances from across source systems, shows a summary view of all customers and balances, and becomes the starting point for all actions.

Collectors have comprehensive customer summaries at their disposal. They can add and review updates for the latest interactions, and see customers and outstanding balances prioritized for them by the Execution App’s intelligent prioritization. Key credit risk considerations are both accessed from and shared with the Credit Execution App.

The Disputes Action View within the Disputes Execution App further provides all the necessary context surrounding existing disputes. It allows for easy tracking and sets up resolution steps, while also enabling drill-downs for root-cause analyses.

The Credit Execution App similarly consolidates all relevant information in a uniform manner across stakeholders, including key third-party data, and shares risk assessments with the Collections Execution App. It visualizes key metrics and contains relevant details upon drill down.

Starting in the Collections Execution App’s purpose-built views, Celonis seamlessly takes your team from insight to action. Standardized dunning templates, simplified escalation flows and automated balance categorizations empower collectors by freeing up valuable time.

Powered by the Celonis Platform platform’s process intelligence, the app identifies the structural inefficiencies hurting your organization’s performance, quantifies their impact on your working capital, and proposes resolutions that address the issue at scale.

Using the Steering View, Collections Leaders can deep dive on individual balances, monitor performance and challenges by collector, and efficiently assign tasks for the collectors to prioritize. In the Action View, Collectors leverage Celonis’ automated prioritization and risk assessment to focus their day-to-day activities for maximum impact.

They have all relevant customer and balance information summarized at their fingertips and, as developments occur, can efficiently make updates and track progress directly in the app. We provide dunning activities as templates for quick action, and the team leader’s instructions flow through from the Steering View directly into the collector’s Action View.

The Disputes Execution App ties in all relevant data points for the balance and the customer to recommend follow-up resolution actions. It centralizes information sharing and guides escalation between stakeholders.

The Credit Execution App intelligently assesses customer risks, guiding both credit decisions and collector prioritization. It suggests appropriate thresholds and streamlines approval flows. Users can implement changes directly in the app, leading to increased efficiency, fewer errors and ultimately a smoother customer experience.