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Celonis Product Documentation

Bookmarks and Share Selections

  • Bookmarks can be created based on applied selections and saved by the user and shared with other users.

  • Sharing Your Selection creates a hyperlink that can immediately be shared with other users that have the same permission.

  • The difference between the two functionalities is that Share Your Selection does not generate a bookmark.

Example: Share Your Selection

When loading a bookmark, there is an option that allows users to choose if they only want to load selections or the whole state of the analysis.


"Bookmark" saves the whole state of the analysis which includes selections, variables, process explorer view and the states of components such as sorting in OLAP table. When users want to load their bookmarks, the whole state is meant by default. This means that by applying the bookmark, all states of the analysis are updated according to the bookmark.

In the current enhancement, users have the choice between applying the bookmark including the analysis state (default action) or only selections from the bookmark.