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Celonis Product Documentation

Process Designer User Guide

Purpose of the document

This document is intended for all Celonis Process Management users and aims to support the various user roles in using the tool efficiently for research purposes and individual requirements. The manual is aimed at both new users who are getting started with the tool and require an overview of the various options and experienced users who are looking for solutions to specific questions.


This document applies to the standard version of Celonis Process Management. Personalized customer configurations may differ in content and visually from the functionality and options described in this document.


This manual is designed to give you an overview of Celonis Process Management's most important basic functionalities and navigation options, which are important for every user role. Based on this, the specific functions for each user role are examined in detail in individual chapters.

User roles

The general role concept is based on a hierarchical approach. That is, the higher-level role includes all the permissions of the lower-level role plus additional permissions.

Figure 8 – User roles and permissions