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Celonis Product Documentation

Method Standard

Meta-Model (Company Map)

Use BPMN 2.0 standard.

Process modeling is carried out according to the BPMN 2.0 modeling standard about the process flow and the available symbols.

Extended BPMN 2.0 standard modeling standard

Centrally managed objects (such as risks, standards, etc.) can be added to the processes.

ArchiMate 3.0 Standard

The ArchiMate 3.0 standard is an open and independent modeling language for enterprise architectures. Celonis Process Management offers the possibility to model IT architectures in this standard and thus makes a decisive contribution to the implementation of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Build IT landscape

The IT landscape can be depicted in the uniformly designed hierarchical Celonis Process Management structure.

Map and manage organizational structure, including positions

The organizational structure can be mapped and edited in a uniformly designed hierarchical structure.

Implement Customer Experience Management (CEM)

For practical implementation of the CEM, Celonis Process Management offers the option of defining a customer journey. All points of contact between a customer and the company are graphically displayed to optimize interactions and achieve long-term customer loyalty.

Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey is displayed in the form of a customer journey map. Celonis Process Management maps the mapping method required for this.

Create strategy and target diagrams (target trees, measures including status, etc.)

Strategic strategy and target diagrams can be displayed hierarchically and linked to measures and (optionally) their status.

Define key figure trees and reports with report chapters.

With Celonis Process Management's key figure system, even better control of the company is possible. The KPI system allows mapping KPIs in driver trees (KPI architecture). With the combination of the strategy view and the KPI system, customers can establish a balanced scorecard in Celonis Process Management and communicate this continuously throughout the organization. By continuously measuring the key performance indicators, the achievement of objectives is checked, and the company can react to changes early. Furthermore, the key figures can be linked to processes, IT application systems, and other views in Celonis Process Management. The connection between the goals (the strategy) because of key performance indicators and the processes ensures the fastest possible implementation in the organization and for each employee. In addition to the key figure driver tree, reports with report chapters can be displayed. This enables companies to map the annual report chapter structure, for example, and link the necessary key figures in the various report chapters. This will also enable companies to generate company reports from Celonis Process Management in the future. Celonis Process Management is thus increasingly digitizing corporate management.

Set up product portfolio.

A clear presentation of a product portfolio and the linking of relevant attributes with the process landscape is possible.

Manage Skills

Skills can further specify the positions stored in the organizational structure. Thus, the organizational structure can be optimally linked with the skills required for the job.

Manage Learnings and Training

The training and learning units relevant to implementing BPMN can be mapped and connected to the relevant processes.

Present risk/control management

Risks and controls of a process can be depicted in a hierarchical structure and assigned to processes.

Manage requirements

Requirements and solutions are definable and can be linked to stored solutions.

Deposit standards and standard chapters

The standards required for the process flow (e.g., ISO) and corresponding standards chapters can be defined.