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Action - SAP WebGUI: Open prefilled transaction

How to add the SAP Action to a Skill?


Option to open SAP WebGUI with commands prefilled by the Signal parameters such as the purchase order number.

  • Purpose: help the business user execute a given SAP transaction for the Signal with the transaction already being prefilled by the Signal parameters such as the purchase order number.

  • Base URL: Add the link to your SAP WebGUI according to the following schema: http:///<myhost>:<myport>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui

  • Generated Transaction:

    • Use 'Insert Template' to choose from already existing SAP commands, where only the placeholders have to be filled in. Templates exist e.g. for 'Change PO', Change SO', and many more.

    • Alternatively, create your own SAP command by a single text argument such as /nME23N EBELN_LOW=${EBELN}:

      • /n to create a new transaction in SAP within the same session

      • SAP transaction such as ME23N, e.g. to display a purchase order

      • One or several parameters such as EBELN_LOW to prefill the SAP transaction.

        To get the technical name of the parameters, enter the target transaction in the SAP GUI, click in a field, hit F1, and open the technical information.

      • One or several placeholders of the Signal result table that represent the values of the prefilled fields. If multiple fields should be prefilled, the parameters and placeholders can be separated by a single space.


1. Action in Signal

2. SAP WebGUI with a prefilled transaction for chosen purchase order