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Celonis Product Documentation

String Modification


There are multiple String Functions available in Celonis that allow to modify STRING data of columns and constants.

  • STRINGs can be combined with other inputs (including STRING, INT and FLOAT data) using CONCAT.

  • Cropping STRINGs can be achieved with SUBSTRING, LEFT, RIGHT, LTRIM, and RTRIM.

  • The length of STRINGs can be counted with LEN.

  • STRINGs can be transformed using LOWER, UPPER, and REVERSE.

  • REPLACE searches for a given pattern within an input STRING and replaces the found pattern with a given replacement.

  • PATINDEX searches for a given pattern (including wildcards) within an input STRING and returns the index (starting at 1) of the found pattern or zero if not found.

  • STRING_SPLIT splits an input STRING on a given pattern and returns the requested n-th sub-string after splitting.

  • CLUSTER_STRINGS clusters strings in a column based on their similarity.

  • MATCH_STRINGS finds the top-k best matching strings from another column for each string in the input column.