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Celonis Product Documentation

Connecting to Databricks

You can connect your Databricks tenant to the Celonis Platform, allowing you to integrate both your 'Data Science and Engineering' and your 'SQL Warehouse' clusters. This is achieved by integrating the Databricks JDBC driver with the Celonis Platform, with more information about this driver available here: Databricks JDBC Driver

Prerequisites for connecting to Databricks

To connect your Databricks tenant to the Celonis Platform you need access to a Personal Access Token from your Databricks account.

For information on how to create this token, see: Databricks Help Center - Databricks personal access token authentication.

Creating a connection between Databricks and the Celonis Platform

With access to your Personal Access Token, you can create a connection between your Databricks instance and the Celonis Platform from your data pool diagram:

  1. Click Data Connections.

  2. Click Add Data Connection and select Connect to Data Source.

  3. Click Cloud - Database.

  4. Configure the following connection details:

    • Name: An internal reference for this data connection.

    • Database type: Select Databricks

    • Configuration type: Select Standard.

    • Host: The database server name or IP address of the database server.

    • Port: The default is 443.

    • Schema name: The schema to use (optional).

    • Additional Properties: Additional properties like validateCertificate=false.

    • Personal Access Token: Enter the token obtained from your Databricks account.


    If you want to connect to your SQL Warehouse cluster, you must remove from the Validation Certificate from the data connection. To do this:

    1. Click Advanced Settings.

    2. Select Validation Certificate - REMOVED

  5. Click Test Connection and correct any highlighted issues.

  6. Click Save.

    The connection between your Databricks tenant and the Celonis Platform is establised. You can manage this connection at any time by clicking Options: