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Celonis Product Documentation

How do I connect several data models?

To connect two or more Data Models, please navigate to the Signal configuration and follow these steps:

  1. Connect Another Data Model

  2. Add Step

  3. Choose Data Model: choose the relevant Data Model you want to connect.

  4. Configure result table and filters: analog to first Data Model.

  5. Configure Connection: linking a column of the result table in the first step to a table column of the data model in the second step. As an example, standard SAP data models for O2C and P2P can be connected by linking the column BANFN in table VBEP to the column BANFN in table EBAN.


    When connecting two steps, the result table in the second step only displays entries that also appear in the first step.

  6. Configure Signal settings: analog to one-step skill.

More information about the connection of Data Models and Multiple-Step Skills in general can be found here.