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Real Time Connectivity to SAP ECC and S/4HANA via the Replication Cockpit

To utilise the power of our applications, you need to achieve real time connectivity to your source systems. With a stable and real-time data pipeline, you can build an ecosystem of applications and instruments to immediately identify value opportunities in your processes, know how to resolve them, and automatically take action to eliminate the execution gaps. Achieving real-time connectivity is the first, and most foundational step in your journey to unlocking execution capacity.

The Replication Cockpit, coupled with the real time extractor for SAP, solves this challenge. It ensures that the data is replicated from SAP to the Celonis Platform in real-time, with minimal setup and maintenance effort.

How does it work?

The Replication Cockpit is the management UI to set up, orchestrate and monitor your real-time extractions. It complements to the real time extractor for SAP, and ensures continuous flow of data from SAP to the Celonis Platform. In some sense, it is an alternative to Data Jobs, which are currently used by everyone to manage the extractions from SAP.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time connectivity - extractions are orchestrated automatically without user-defined schedules

  • Automatic self-recovery - extractions will correct and re-execute in case of temporary failures

  • Speed and stability - extractions run faster and are less error prone because they are separated from transformations

The diagram below explains how the end-to end data pipeline components interact.

Who can use it?
Celonis Platform Deployment Scenario

For now the Replication Cockpit is available only for the Full Cloud customers.

Supported Source Systems

Currently Replication Cockpit can be used only for pipelines running on SAP ECC extractor (see here for more details on SAP Extractor). The RFC module version 2.0.0 and Extractor version 2020-10-19 or more recent ones are required.

The Replication Cockpit will function properly only if the real time extractor has been enabled in the source SAP system.