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Notify about new Table Rows

Watching Excel files by hand to inform the right people can be annoying. That's the reason we provide you with that automation solution that watches excel files and notifies the right person automatically. This template makes sure that you don't have to inform people by the hand of new sales orders as we enable you to watch the excel file for new data and inform in case of a new table row which includes a new sales order a person you define via mail. The mail will include all the important data of the new sales order aggregated and visualized as a table to ensure clarity for the recipient. The mail could look like the following:


Follow the step-by-step guide below to implement this solution for your Celonis Action Flows use case.

Sample Action Flow

The image below shows a working Action Flow which:

  1. Watches an excel file for new rows;

  2. Uses the data to build an HTML snippet to be used to build an HTML Table

  3. Sends a mail to a specific recipient including the new data of the excel sheet packed as an HTML table.

Configuring Action Flow

Below you will find the step-by-step guide for configuring each module of the above Action Flow.

1. Watch Sales Orders

To watch an excel file for new sales orders you have to connect to your Microsoft account. You can choose the desired workbook and worksheet and even the table in that worksheet you want to have a look at. To make sure to always notice all new rows you have to choose a limit that is high enough to get all new rows.

The Table in this example is structured as follows:



To work with the Watch Table Rows module you have to format the table area as a table using the button shown below:



Action Flows Module: Microsoft 365 Excel

Action: Watch Table Rows

2. Build HTML Table

to build up an HTML table you have to define a structure with table rows (<tr>) and table cells (<td>) which will later be included in a table structure to get the right format. Here you would have the chance to format dates.

Add for each column you want to have in your resulting table the structure <td> data of the column</td>

Find the HTML snippet below:












Action Flows Module: Tools

Action: Text Aggregator

3. Send Mail with new Sales Order

to wrap the constructed html code in a table and send it via mail we use the Send an Email module.

The screenshot on the right show how this module has been configured with our demo data.

To: You can choose a recipient of your choice

Subject: Define the subject of the mail

Content Type: HTML




<style> table, th, td {border: 1px solid black;border-collapse: collapse;} </style>



<h2> New Sales Orders </h2>

<p> See below the new requested Sales Order.</p>

<table style="width:100%">


<th> Sales Order Type</th>

<th> Sales Organization</th>

<th> Distribution Channel</th>

<th> Division</th>

<th> Sales Document Item</th>

<th> Material Nummer</th>

<th> Target Quantity</th>

<th> Customer Number</th>






HTML Tables

Find more information on how to send HTML tables in a mail and how to adapt the HTML code to your needs in this template.



Action Flows Module: Email

Action: Send an Email

Download Action Flows Blueprint

You can download a blueprint of the Action Flow defined in this Help Page:

This blueprint can be imported into your Celonis EMS Team so that you can quickly make the required changes without needing to build the Action Flow from scratch.

Potential Alternatives

You could replace the Email module with a message module of your choice e.g. Microsoft Teams


More information on how to configure the Action Flow with Microsoft Teams instead of Email (connection between Text Aggregator and MS Teams) can be found here. .

Possible Use Cases
  • Notify Order Managers about new Sales Orders

  • Notify employee about PO/invoice mismatch

  • Notify clerk about invoice with cash discount approaching

  • Notify when duplicate invoice detected