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Celonis Product Documentation

Administrate Customer Journey Objects

The Customer Experience Management in Process Designer enables the comprehensive definition of a Customer Journey with further specific objects. The facet of Customers only contains objects relevant to the Customer Journey. Creating and managing these objects behaves in a similar way to objects.

Customer Journey Object Management

The architect maintains all content of the Customer Journey in the respective facet and defines further information in the detailed content. A new object is created in the relevant facet (e.g., touchpoints, sales channel, stakeholders, etc.). The objects are then detailed by, among other things, their responsibilities and further information.

Every single Customer Journey object facet has content through important links and details.

Touch Point Details

Illustrations/pictures/icons can and should be added to the objects to create a visualization of the created object. These images are also added in detailed content but in 220x220 png. or jpeg format.

Add Persona images

The Customer Journey objects are released in the same way as the objects.