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Celonis Product Documentation

Assignment Rules FAQ

Editing an Assignment Rule

To edit an Assignment Rule, navigate to Package Settings > Variables. Here you will see an overview of all current Assignment Rules. Hovering over an Assignment Rule and clicking the edit icon (a pencil) will present you with the screen already described.

I already have an assignment table setup in another tool, is there a way to upload this to Celonis?

Currently it is not possible to create Assignment Rules from an import. If you've already created an assignment table in another tool, such as Excel, that you wish to use within Celonis, we recommend importing and joining this table to your data model. For further information on performing such data joins, please see "Joins in the Extraction".

Why can't I save my Assignment Rule progress?

The Save button is only activated once every input on the left, except the description, is filled in.

I am receiving a 'Missing value of required parameter' error, how can I fix this?

This error message indicates that a value passed to the Get Assignee action was empty. To resolve this, you can slightly adapt the Actions Input so that in cases where the input is empty, the Default Assignee will be returned. To do this, change your input variable to the following, this way each empty input will be replaced with the string 'DEFAULT'.