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Your Skill library in Celonis Studio

Process Automation has advanced with the evolution to the Execution Management System and is now fully available in the Celonis Studio.

Have a look at Process Automation in the Celonis Studio by clicking through the guide below.

Getting to know Process Automation in the Celonis Studio
Create, organize and maintain all automations in the Celonis Studio
  1. Create folders and organize your Skills according to your organizational setup.

  2. Click on the '+' icon in your Explorer to create a new Folder or Skill.

  3. Move Skills to other folders via drag-and-drop.

  4. Collapse the side panel to have more space on your screen.

Set up automations without technical knowledge
  1. Configure your automations in the Skill builder just as you used to.

  2. Save your configuration by clicking the 'Save' button.

For more information, see Process Automation Skills and Actions

Maintain your Connections and On-prem Agents in one spot
  • Open the global 'Process Automation' settings on the bottom left to open your 'Connections' and 'Agents'.

View, configure and monitor all your Agents in the 'Agents' list.

For more information, see Celonis On-Prem Agent

Use variables to make Skills reusable and simplify collaboration
  1. Create and maintain all your Connections in the 'Connections' list.

  2. Go to the 'Settings' of your package to create 'Variables'.

  3. Create a connection variable and assign a connection to it to make it usable in an Action.

For more information, see Connections

Test your Skills
  • Test your Skills by clicking the 'Test' button.

The test execution will be executed with the data you have already configured.

Publish your Skills

Finally, publish a single Skill or the entire package by clicking 'Publish'.

FAQ: What will change/ has changed?
Where do I find Process Automation in my EMS team?

The Process Automation tab in the headbar will be removed. Process Automation will be accesible via the Studio tab.

What will happen to my existing Process Automation Skills?

All existing Process Automation Skills are automatically moved to the Celonis Studio. They are added to one package called “Process Automation Skills”. All links to Action Engine Skills remain unchanged and continue to work seamlessly.

What are the major differences between Process Automation and Process Automation in Celonis Studio?
  • [New] The concept of (connection) variables is new in the Celonis Studio.

  • [Updated] Skills are now saved manually by the user and have to be published.

  • [Updated] Process Automation Skill permissions moved to the Studio permissions. Users with "Edit Skills" permission in Process Automation will have "Edit Package" permission in the Studio. Users with "Create Skills"/"View Skills"/"Edit Skill"/"View Skill" permission in Process Automation will have "Use Package" permission in the Studio. Permissions can be adjusted in the Team settings.