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Using bookmarks in Views

Bookmarks allow you to save your favorite user preference (including filters, selections, component states) of a View and share them with your team. Click the Save and visit bookmarks icon bookmarks_icon.png in the upper right to access your bookmarks and the related options.


Bookmarks are available in view mode in Studio and Apps. Bookmarks are not available in edit mode.



Bookmarks are deleted automatically after 180 days if they are not used or if the associated assets or spaces are deleted.

Opening a bookmark
  1. Open a View.

  2. Select a bookmark to open it.

    • Recently visited shows the five most recently visited bookmarks.

    • Manage all bookmarks shows all bookmarks that you have created or that have been shared with you.

Creating a bookmark
  1. Open a View.

  2. Select Create bookmark.

  3. In the Create bookmark window, enter a name for the bookmark.

  4. Select the Share with everyone who can access this view check box to share this view with other users.

  5. Click Create.

Updating a bookmark
  1. Open a View.

  2. Click Update bookmark.

  3. Select the bookmark that you want to update. The bookmark is updated automatically to match the current View.

Sharing bookmarks
  1. Open a View.

  2. Share your bookmark with your team:

    1. during bookmark creation by selecting the Share with everyone who can access this view check box;

    2. or later on in while managing your bookmarks by clicking the Share with Team icon.